Product Details

Product:                                 Oat Beta Glucan Mw Individual Standard  
Structure description:     Linear chain with mixed linkage of (1,3) and (1,4);
                                                     The ratio of tri- and tetra- building block is ~2:1

                                        Appearance: white powder, odorless
                                        Starch: not detected (n.d.)
                                        Protein: n.d.
                                        Moisture: < 3%
                                        Arabinoxylan: < 0.5%
                                        Ash: < 0.5%
                                        Beta-glucan: > 97%
                                        Water-solubility: water soluble.
Molecular weight (Mw) and Polydispersity (Pd):
Standards PS-OBG-UH-2000 PS-OBG-UH-2500
Mw X 10-5
20.0 25.0
Pd 1.1 1.1
Weight average molecular weight Mw was determined by Viscotek triple detector array system equipped with size exclusion chromatography, light scattering detector using a 90 angle geometry dn / dc = 0.146
Method of dissolution:
           1.   Measure a specified amount of standards in a sample bottle;
           2.   Add distilled water and dissolve it at 60 for 15-30minutes, stir the water gently until they dissolve homegeneously with the water;
           3.   Filtrate the solution with a 0.45 μm filter and a standard solution will be obtained.
           1.   Store dry at room temperature in well sealed containers. Under these conditions, the product is stable for several years. 
           2.   When in a liquid state, keep it in a refrigerator at 4. If filtrated with a 0.45 μm filter and added 0.02 wt% sodium azide as an antiseptic, it can be preserved at 4℃ for 2 months.