Our People

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. Employees are Putus Macromolecular’s most important asset. Our market position is directly related to the skills and knowledge that each Putus Macromolecular employee brings to the company and to our customers.

At Putus Macromolecular, we all share a set of common values. To work hand in hand in order to reach our objectives. To deliver excellent quality. To satisfy all our stakeholders. To be entrepreneurial.

Because our people are essential to the manner we do business, they are the cornerstone of everything we do. That’s why, since the company’s founding, we have started to develop the kind of corporate culture that gives employees the individual freedom they need to achieve their goals while supporting the objectives of the company.

At Putus Macromolecular, we want to provide a rewarding environment where our people have opportunities to grow up and develop their ideas.

In order to support our expansion, we are perpetually seeking for new motivated and talented collaborators ready to join our growing team of professionals. We are looking for people who like to ask questions, solve problems and insist on finding better ways to do things.


Great companies are always built with great people.