Corporat Culture

Since its inception, Putus Macromolecular has been administrated by its core values. They form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

The supreme goal of Putus Macromolecular and its employees is to achieve each company’s task with excellence. This means every employee of Putus Macromolecular endeavors every day to do his best in order to satisfy our clients. At Putus Macromolecular, excellence is not a virtue but a habit.

We can define integrity as the way of doing everything with honesty and transparency. At Putus Macromolecular, we strive to make this definition a reality every day. We promise we will be efficient and trustworthy when dealing with our customers, partners and stakeholders, and ensure that we systematically do what we claim, and deliver on our promises to the people that we deal with.

Innovation is not just about new technology. It is about new ways of doing things: new methods, new processes. Putus Macromolecular believes that they are opportunities for innovation in everything we do: in technical support, in sales, in marketing, in research, in product development. Innovation makes things better, and that is a good thing.


We believe in the advantages of teamwork to create the best work environment at Putus Macromolecular. We know that the opinion of every of our employees is important and allow us to act and grow as a team of professionals.