We will always do our best to satisfy our customer's needs


We know that our customers are our most important assets and that's why our first priority is to take into consideration their needs and demands. The satisfaction of our customers is what makes us move on.


We will be the world's leading macromolecular company, with particular focus on carbohydrates standards.


Our ambition is to become the world leader for macromolecular solutions by keeping focus on our main speciality: carbohydrate standards.


We will permanently provide quality products


The production department of Putus Macromolecular pulls out all the stops to ensure the highest quality of its products and to meet the international standards requirements. All products are manufactured according to DIN certifications.


We constantly develop new products to meet market demand


Through continuous research and development, Putus Macromolecular is developing a rapidly expanding range of products. Our research and development department is cooperating with top researchers and laboratories with the intention of understanding better the market demand. We strongly believe it is essential to be attentive to the evolution and perspectives of the market in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.