Product Details

Product:                            Pullulan Standard
Structure description:      Linear 1,4:1,6-a-D-glucan.
Properties:              Appearance: white powder, odorless
                                    Starch: not detected (n.d.)
                                                Protein: n.d.
                                                Moisture: < 3%
                                                Arabinoxylan: < 0.5%
                                                Ash: < 0.5%
                                                Molecular weight: 500,000D
                                                pd: 1.1
                                                Water-solubility: water soluble.
Method of  dissolution ( in water):
           1   Measure a specified amount of standards in a sample bottle;
           2   Add distilled water and dissolve it for 10 mins, stir the water gently until they dissolve
                homogeneously with the wate
           3   The solution is then allowed to cool to room temperature and adjusted to your  concentration
      1.   Store dry at room temperature in well sealed containers. Under these conditions, the product is stable for several years.
           2.   When in a liquid state, keep it in a refrigerator at 4. If filtrated with a 0.45 μm filter and added 0.02 wt% sodium azide as an antiseptic, it can be preserved at 4℃ for 2 months.