Product Details

Product:                           Carbohydrate content determination standard
Structure description:     Linear chain with mixed linkage of (1,3) and (1,4);
                                         The ratio of tri- and tetra- building block is ~2:1
                                               Appearance: white powder, odorless
                                               Starch: not detected (n.d.)
                                                Protein: n.d.
                                                Moisture: < 3%
                                                Arabinoxylan: < 0.5%
                                                Ash: < 0.5%
                                                Beta-glucan: > 97%
                                                Water-solubility: water soluble.
Molecular weight (Mw) :      Mw:1´ 104~ 1´ 105
*Weight average molecular weight (Mw) was determined by Viscotek triple detector array system equipped with size exclusion chromatography, refractive index detector and light scattering detector using a 90o angle geometry.
Method of dissolution:
           1.  Measure a specified amount of standards in a sample bottle;
           2.  Add distilled water and dissolve it at 90 for 1h, stir the water gently until they dissolve
                homogeneously with the water
           3.  The solution is then allowed to cool to room temperature and the volume adjusted to 50 ml. It can be
                preserved at 4 for 2 days.
             Store dry at room temperature in well sealed containers. Under these conditions, the product is stable
             for several years